The Usual Suspects

Re:  Concerning the harassing website that might have referred you to this blog.
Have not posted on News Copy in over seven years, so I have no response to the referring website.  It’s much ado about nothing.  It has drawn more attention to others than myself.

I also have nothing to say about their anonymous posts, since they provide no accountability.  The truth is that the individual(s) responsible neither have the integrity nor the courage to reveal their identities.  The irony is that no one wants to take responsibility for its creation.  That’s how proud they are of their work.

The political consultants, campaign managers and website designers associated with the candidate (Nan Hayworth) mentioned in referring website have disavowed any association with its content or its creator.  Like so much in New York and American politics, it’s gone rogue and it’s fake news.

As always, I keep my sense of humor about such things.  Maybe I should be flattered.

Bob Fois
P.S. — News Copy might return someday; when the narrative makes more sense, or there is something other than politics to write about…


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